Bet on Cricket Online: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for Cricket Betting

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If you were to go out in the street and ask people to list some of the world's popular sports, we are pretty certain that every person that you ask, even those who prefer online casinos to sports, will tell you football. Then they would probably mention other sports such as horse racing, tennis, and basketball. We are pretty sure that many would leave cricket off the list, but cricket is actually one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people play, watch, and bet on cricket all over the world and the betting side of cricket is what we are going to focus on in this guide. We will reveal all you need to know when it comes to cricket online betting and trust us when we tell you that do not want to be missing out on these online cricket betting tips.

The Different Markets to Bet on When Cricket Online Betting

As briefly mentioned above, there are millions of people all over the world who bet on cricket online, but what exactly is it that makes cricket online betting such an enticing prospect? Well, one of the main reasons for cricket betting being so popular is that there are plenty of markets that cricket fans can take advantage of when they are doing a spot of cricket online betting. In fact, with regard to cricket markets that those who bet on cricket online can make use of, there is such a good variety that you will struggle to pick one when you are doing some cricket betting.

It is always great when we have plenty of variety available in our lives as this helps things remain extremely entertaining, and when it comes to cricket betting, there is definitely variety in abundance. Below we are going to have a look at seven cricket markets that people enjoy putting their cash on when they bet on cricket online.

Match Bet

This kind of cricket bet is not one that is exclusive only to cricket as it is one that you can find for most sports that you can bet on. This, without doubt, is one of the simplest markets around since all you have to do is try to predict which team will go on to win the game. If you are placing bets on a Test cricket match, then you will usually be given the chance to bet on a draw. However, with regard to the other formats of the game, ODI and T20, you will usually not be given a draw option since this is a rare outcome. You would have to look pretty hard to come across a cricket bookie that allows their punters the opportunity to put their money on a draw in a T20 or ODI match.

Series Winner

Those players that are talented enough to play for their national team will often have to hop in planes and travel far distances to take on other national teams, so there really is no sense in flying hundreds of miles to play one cricket game and then fly back home. Therefore, in order to make sure that the trip is worth it, cricket teams will play each other in the three different formats, playing 2-5 games in each. This is what we know in the cricketing world as a series. If the cricket bookie is serious about what they do, then they will give their players the option of making such a cricket bet.

Match Score

Another type of cricket bet that those who bet on cricket online like to make is something that we call a match score bet. With this bet, what you are trying to do is predict how many runs a team will hit during their innings. In this case, the bookmaker will give you a number such as 335.5 and then it is down to you to decide whether your chosen team will hit 336 runs or more (over) or 335 runs or less (under).

Top Batsman

With a top batsman cricket bet, your main goal is to predict the batsman from one of the participating teams that will go on to score the more runs in a game. With regard to cricket online betting, this type of bet is one of the hardest for cricket bettors to get right since one small lapse in concentration can see a batsman get sent back to the changing rooms before they have put a big score on the board. However, there is one good thing about this type of cricket bet and this is that the odds that the bookmaker offers will reflect how difficult it is to get this market correct.

Top Bowler

Now that you have an understanding as to what a top batsman bet is, we are sure that you can guess what a top bowler bet involves. With such a market, you need to choose a bowler from one of the teams that you believe will pick up the most wickets in the match. Those of you who bet on cricket online often will agree with us when we say that this type of bet is very tricky to get correct. However, just like with the top batsman market, the odds that the bookmaker offers will be very enticing.

Player of the Match

While the top bowler and top batsman markets are tricky to get correct, there is another one that is even more difficult and that is the Player of the Match market. With such a market, you are required to select one player from everyone participating in the match that you feel will put in a quality performance and earn themselves the Player of the Match award. Since you have to choose one player from twenty-two, it is a tricky market to get correct but the odds on offer will be the highest that you will be able to find when cricket gambling.

Dismissal Method

Whenever you are betting on cricket matches, you will usually be given the option of placing a bet on how the next batsman to get out will be dismissed. In a game of cricket, there are numerous ways that a batsman can be sent packing back to the changing rooms, and these are caught, bowled, run-out, LBW, stumped, and hit wicket. The odds on offer for the different dismissal methods will not be the same - it depends on how often a particular dismissal method occurs. For example, a batsman has a higher chance of getting out caught or bowled than stumped or hit wicket, so the odds on offer the bowled dismissal method will be a lot lower than those on offer for the hit wicket market.

The Best Bookmakers for Online Cricket Betting

Cricket bettors spend over one billion dollars every year betting on the sport, and if you are reading this and thinking that a large percentage of that money is spent by Indian cricket fans, then you are correct. It is estimated that Indian cricket fans spend around $400 million whenever India take to the field. They also love the Indian Premier League and spend around $50 or $60 million on every game when doing a spot of IPL betting online.

Below we shall provide you with an extensive list of some of the best cricket betting sites. However, before we go ahead and provide you with such a list, we believe it will be helpful to provide you with some nice online cricket betting tips that will certainly be useful when it comes to looking for a bookie to register with so that you can start enjoying some IPL betting online or whatever other cricket events you like to bet on.

Look at reputation: When you find a sportsbook that you think is perfect for you and you want to complete the signing up process, we recommend that you help yourself out a lot by reading some reviews first before you go ahead and register. By looking at reviews, you can get a strong idea as to whether a sportsbook is truly worth your hard-earned money and your time. If you encounter a lot of negative comments that were posted recently, then we suggest that you give the bookie a wide berth and look for another one. You have so many different bookmakers that you can choose from that you definitely do not have to put up with mediocrity.

Check the odds on offer: The odds are not the same at all bookmakers, which is great as things would get very tedious if they were. Thus, before you go ahead and make your decision as to which bookie to open an account with, we suggest that you take a bit of time to look at a couple of comparison sites. You will be doing yourself a favour by signing up with a bookie that offers the best odds around as this is how you ensure you always end up with good value whenever you bet on cricket.

Remember that bonuses are not the same: Bookmakers need to provide enticing bonuses if they want a constant line of new players opening at account with them. There are plenty of sports bettors out there who do not pay much attention to the bonuses that are on offer because they believe that they are practically the same, but this really is not true. In the world of sports betting, you will come across fantastic bonuses, good bonuses, okay bonuses, and poor bonuses. This is the reason why it is important that you do a bit of research before you sign up with a bookie as this is a surefire way to make that your betting experience gets off to the best start possible.

Look at the customer care on offer: If a sportsbook has a rubbish customer service team that can never seem bothered to help out, then you have to stay well clear of it and deposit your money at another sportsbook that has proven that they care about all of their customers. If you register with a bookie that has a rubbish customer care team, then you will just get really frustrated further down the line when your first big problem arises. We suggest that you only register with a bookmaker that has a live chat option and a customer service team that can be contacted at any hour of the day. To check if a bookie has solid customer support, send them a mock issue using one of the available contact methods and see whether you like the type of response that you get.

So, above we gave you some useful tips that you can make use of when looking for a sportsbook to register with, and now we are going to give you that list of the best bookmakers that we promised you.

  • Dafabet
  • Bodog
  • Royal Panda
  • Bet365
  • 10Cric
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • 888sport
  • LeoVegas
  • Spin Sports

We are not forcing you to sign up with any of the bookmakers above, but if you want to bet on cricket, we really do not think that you can go wrong with any of these. All the bookies listed above are head and shoulders above their competitors since they make sure that they provide their customers with great cricket satta line for all the different markets that are available. They also offer some of the best welcome bonuses around at this moment in time. You can find out more about these websites at

How to Bet on Cricket

One phrase that is often inputted into a search engine, whether that is Google or Yahoo, is "how to bet on cricket". If you have not bet on cricket before, then you should pay close attention to the section below as we shall explain the betting process that you need to follow in order to make a cricket bet. It is a really easy procedure that you can apply when betting on any sports.

  1. Enter your sportsbook account and see if you have enough money in in
  2. If you think that you do not, then simply deposit some extra money using one of the banking methods that are available
  3. Enter the site's cricket betting section and then look at the different markets that are present
  4. When you come across a market that you like the look of, click it, and it will be added to your betting slip automatically
  5. The next thing you have to do is decide how much money you are going to put on your bet, and then add this value to your betting slip
  6. As soon as you are happy with all the choices that you have made, hit the submit button, and you will have just made your very first cricket wager

Live Cricket Betting - A Feature All Bookmakers Have Nowadays

live-cricket-betting live-cricket-betting

When the Internet came into use decades ago, it was something that revolutionized sports betting because sportsbooks transitioned online, meaning that we could now all bet on our favourite sports from home. However, there was not live cricket betting available back then, which meant that if you wanted to bet on a cricket game, you had to place your wager before the event began. This was not just with cricket, it was the same for every sport that we could bet on. However, technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the decades that have passed, and now you will be hard-pushed to locate a bookie that does not offer live cricket betting.

We are pretty certain that you enjoy cricket live betting, so before jumping in and signing up with a bookmaker, you have to look at what live cricket betting options they have available to you. The bookmakers that we listed above for you all come with really good live betting platforms, so if you register with one of them, you will have a great live betting experience whenever you want.

The Best Cricket Betting Tips That You Should Never Forget

We are now going to take you through some helpful betting tips that you should keep in mind when you are betting on cricket and any other sport. We recommend that you pay close attention to this free cricket betting advice since it could ultimately end up being the difference between having a great cricket betting experience or a poor one.

Have a Consistent Stake

You have to learn how to manage all of your finances properly if you want to be a successful gambler. A big error that many newbies make is that they get into the habit of changing their stake whenever they go on a bit of a purple patch. For instance, a lot of novices will opt to double their wager after winning a few bets. However, believe us when we tell you that your winning run will not stay with you forever, so if you opt to double your stake and then lose, you will lose a big chunk of the profit that you had earned during your winning streak. Whenever you are betting, be that on cricket, football, or any other sport, set up a bankroll, and then place no more than five percent of it on every bet you place.

Do Not Get Excited and Carried Away

If a particular team has been on a winning streak, many newbie cricket bettors will put their money on that team to carry on winning just simply because they are in good form. However, we do not recommend this strategy because bookie will usually give such team lower odds than they should have simply because they know that bettors will gamble on them regardless. You have to remember that winning streaks always come to an end, so putting your cash on a cricket team to win because they have been on a bit of a purple patch is not a good strategy. You have to do a bit of extra research to ensure that you get a proper understanding of their actual chances of winning their next match.

Do Not Dwell on Bad Decisions

We ourselves love to bet on cricket matches, so we know just how frustrating it can get when you make a bet and it goes on to lose. However, whenever this happens, you will not be helping yourself out by sitting there and moaning about the money that you have lost. That money is gone now, and there is no amount of moping about that will change that fact. Professionals make costly mistakes at times, so it is definitely okay if you happen to make the odd one. If you do make a mistake, just simply do your best to forget about it and do not make another bet until you are completely over it.

Cricket Betting Apps - Two of the Best

Nowadays, cricket betting fans love to make bets wherever they are, and bookies definitely know this. Therefore, any bookmaker that is truly serious about the industry that they are in will create a cricket online betting app that their customers can download to enjoy a better gambling experience. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of cricket betting apps that cricket bettors can download, with some being a lot better than the rest. Below we look at two different cricket betting apps that we feel are on top of their game.


LeoVegas is one of the world's biggest bookies, and one of the main reasons why they have had so much success is the fact that they always know what their customers want. They know that their players want to bet on the go, so they developed one of the best cricket betting apps to leave their rivals in their wake. How do we know that this is a great app? Well, we downloaded it and used it for seven days to see what kind of experience it gave us. In our view, there really is not a lot more out there that is more annoying that an app that is tricky to navigate, so we are glad to be able to inform you that navigating on this app is really simple. Additionally, the LeoVegas app is easy on your eye - if you are going to spend a lot of time using something, you do not want it to be a complete eyesore.

888sport App

888sport are also aware that their customers like to make bets from wherever they are, so this is why they have put in a lot of time and effort to develop an app that we feel is one of the best around. Once again, we are able to inform you that it is a very good app because we have tested if for ourselves. We would not recommend anything to you if we have not taken the time to try it ourselves. After a week of testing, we came across no faults, and if you get yourself an 888Sport account, we suggest you download the app.

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